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.:*~*:. Please send event information or ideas to Kierrah SilverLeaf by noon SLT on Monday for the week which starts on Wednesday.

.:*~*:. To have your event listed in the coming week’s calendar, please read the notecard entitled Calendar Submissions for Elf Circle Community Events, available in-world. If your event changes or needs to be canceled, as a courtesy please IM Kierrah with the details. Thanks!

DANCE AT THE DRUM CIRCLE   6 – 8 pm SLT  with DJ Sonni  (In memory of David Bowie) – In the memory of  the wonderful music of David Bowie, tonight’s dance will feature his songs. Sonni also has wonderful 70’s tunes this week for your dancing pleasure.  Come prepared to dance yourself “warm” as the snow and Winter winds cool the air.  Sonni has a huge musical library, but if you think you can stump her with a request….she welcomes the challenge.

Thursday,   January 14
Initiate Class – Thursday 7PM SLT – Griefer Handling (aka anti-griefer) – Join us for the third in a series of 4 classes on becoming an Elf Circle Guardian or Greeter.  Tonight we cover how to handle griefers.

Initiate Classes are for those who are interested in giving back to Elf Circle by becoming a Guardian or a Greeter, and are for anyone who would like to know more about Elf Circle. Classes may be taken in any order.

Friday,   January 15
Friday Night Dance at Farhaven 7 pm SLT – Friday night dance with the Farhaven crowd.  Don’t miss the fun and fellowship.  DJ and theme to be announced!  Costume contest as always. The Farhaven Dance has been a Friday night tradition since 2007. Shay Sunnyside and the Farhaven family sponsor this event weekly!

Sunday,   January 17
Gameday at Isle of Wyrms 11 am SLT Sunday – GAMEDAY, sponsored by our partner community, Isle Of Wyrms, is a sim with a games in various areas. Right now it is temporarily in a different location. Visit and see if one of those games is right up your alley.

Monday,   January 18
Dancing to the Elf Circle Stream at the Drum Circle!  Remember the days past when the circle was full of dancers?  The Elf Circle Stream is sponsored by Pheonix Bright and Shay Sunnyside.

Tuesday,   January 19
Bardic Circle 7 pm SLT Tuesday – The Bardic Circle has been continuously running for more than 6 years! Come and enjoy the creativity of Elf Circle, and feel encouraged to share favorite poems or stories.

DON’T FORGET! You can upload your photos to Elf Circle’s Flickr Group!!
Click the link and join the group! Show everyone what great times they’re missing!



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