EC RFL St Pat Hunt

The week-long Elf Circle’s Elven Place Hunt event, organized by Tira’allara (Amber Batista) for Team Circle of Life to benefit Relay For Life of Second Life 2015, begins Sunday March 8th and runs through Saturday March 14th at 5PM SLT. We encourage you to donate whatever you can to this great cause throughout the hunt. Complete information is available from the poster located at the Elf Circle Welcome Center at ElvenGlen.

Your goal? Be the first to find 10 magical colored shamrocks in the correct order sprouting around the Elf Circle sims.

Playing is simple. Sometime on Sunday March 8th magical colored shamrocks will sprout in the Elf Circle Sand Box in ElvenMoor. That’s your first clue 🙂

Choose a color and click on the matching shamrock. Wow! The shamrock will give you a magical clue to the next shamrock in that color course. 10 shamrocks in each color will be placed around the Elf Circle Core sims. The five core sims are ElvenStone, Elf Haven, ElvenMoor, ElvenGlen, and ElvenVale. Find them, in order.

The hunt will run for 7 days, till Saturday March 14th at 5 pm.

This is a timed hunt, determined by how long it takes you to get from clue to clue.  But you don’t have to do it all in one day because you can pause the timer once per shamrock. When you pause the timer you will get the next clue when you start it again. When you touch a shamrock your name, location and time will be recorded to determine your eligibility for the prize money.

But remember ~ you are still going for the shortest time and in order.

The winners will be announced at the RFL Dance in Graywolf Oleander’s lovely Lyr’s Grey Meadow the night of March 14th (time tba).

And YES! There are Prizes! Some of the Shamrocks may gift you a small surprise. But to the swiftest come riches! In the event that the shamrocks prove elusive, the prize money will be donated to RFL.

  •  1st Place: L$1000
  • 2nd Place: L$750
  • 3rd Place: L$500
  • 4th Place: L$250

Oh! And if you enjoy the hunt, complete all the color courses. Your best time will be used to determine your prize eligibility.

C’mon! Get your inner Sherlock Holmes on and earn fun, prizes and more fun! Test your knowledge of the Elf Circle Sims. Click on the poster at the ElvenGlen Welcome Center for more information.

For more information, please contact event coordinator Tira’allara via notecard.

To keep up with Elf Circle’s Circle of Life team activities, please LIKE us on Facebook.

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